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Client research

A thorough knowledge and understanding of your company and the people we work for is a funda­mental basis for a good cooperation.

Market research

By analyzing the target market of your customers and examining your competitors, we discover de­sign needs and opportunities to make the differen­ce.

End user research

Observing the people who will use your final pro­duct is our biggest source of inspiration. We trans­form discovered problems into design solutions that make your product stand out.

PRODUCT design

Product ideation & concept development

Based on the conducted research we develop a wide range of concepts and ideas looking from different points of view, but always keeping in mind that the concept could be translated into a functional product.

3D presentation models & prototypes

We present potential solutions through 3d render, mockups and other presentation techniques.

Product development & technical development

Once one or more concepts have been chosen we develop them further in to products that could be fabricated on the scale of your production capacity. During this phase we put a lot of emphasis on durability, ecology, simplicity & aesthetics. During this phase we would also test the functionality and ergonomics of the products with functional prototypes.

design management

Branding & Corporate Identity

We help you create a strong brand DNA. All products and promotion tools are designed according to this DNA, in order to send out a clear and recognizable message to your customers.

Product portfolio planning

Based on your existing products and the market you are playing in or wish to focus on, we develop a planning of product suggestions.

Product marketing strategy

A well designed product is one thing, but it works so much better when you have a great story to tell.


Corporate Educational Workshops

We offer intense workshops of 3 days, spread over 3 weeks, to companies looking for fresh ideas. Our students will analyse your brand and market and work on design concepts suitable for your future products. The students are guided and mentored by our professional design team and teaching team. A very effective and direct tool for innovation.

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