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The concept of the Party Van is based upon a trailer converted into a lounge space with comfortable seating and ambient lighting. Four storage spaces store all the necessary party tools. A cooling box and barbeque provide the food and drinks and an integrated music system gets your party started. The other two boxes store the battery and offer extra storage space. Adjustable tabletops function as stable surfaces for glasses or dishes

The rounded form of the frame creates a panoramic view and lets the guest enjoy his surroundings to the fullest. Curtains give the Party Van a warmer, more intimate atmosphere. Finally the lowered passage allows you to go in, out and through the van with ease.


Multifunctional trailer




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You don’t have a garden to throw a party?

Get hold of a Party Van

Pick up your guests at their homes

Get in the mood in an ambient surrounding

Pick a unique party spot and have an unforgettable experience

Dirk Wynants Design Works_Design_Productdesign_Partyvan_trailer_1.jpg
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