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Design studio


The Hopper picnic table clearly bears resembles to the traditional picnic tables everybody knows, but it offers extra comfort. The four pass through zones make it easy to get in and out of Hopper without having to lift your leg over the bench or disturbing your table-companions. The Hopper won many design awards, such as Red Dot, iF, Good Design, Interior Innovation,…

Scröll’s intention is to improve the experience of the consumer while

using the product. Through the integration of a clever rolling mechanism

Scröll not only offers the user a way to relieve stress, but at the same

time offers functionality. Due to a simple but playful design Scröll is

able to reduce the amount of components and so decrease the overall

manufacturing cost. Win-win!

The Copenhagen collection is more than just a workstation, it is a

new way of working. It’s a complete range answering to all needs in a

working environment, including open desks, private desks, high tables,

lounge area, storage system, conference tables and manager desks.

The modularity and adaptability of the system makes it suitable for any

company profile, big or small.

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