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Dreve – what they call a driveway or drive in Western Flanders – instantly gives away the perfect application for this lighting. This outdoor fixture is eminently suitable for installation along a walk- way or footpath in a green setting.

During the day, Dreve is a subtle, architectural pillar that blends into the surroundings. After dark, Dreve becomes a beacon that leads the way and illuminates the surroundings. This is done by distributing the light in three different ways: first, a broad diffusion upwards, thus lighting both the trunks and foliage of trees. A walkway is instantly transformed into an enchanting, illuminated corridor. In addition, some of the light is diverted downwards in order to light the path. And finally, Dreve also illuminates itself, making it a clearly visible beacon.

What's remarkable is that all three forms of lighting are powered by a single light source, which makes Dreve a highly efficient design. The galvanized steel gives Dreve a robust, no-nonsense look that ages subtly and beautifully, to blend even more harmoniously into the environment, for decades to come. 






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