Dirk Wynants Design Works_Design Studio_Product design_Frietstaf_Chipstick_1.jpg

The Chipstick is created to easily serve tasty French fries. You can click eight Chip Cone Clips on the staff. The 'Chip cone clip' is an innovative chip bag holder thanks to its simplicity. This holder not only looks stylish and elegant, its use offers many more advantages. In the kitchen dozens can be stacked without losing space, they are easily washable and very easy to transport in large numbers by the waiters, both with and without cones. The customers thus each receive a personal portion of healthy fries, because every leftover frying oil is absorbed. Eating the fries is easier than with other holders because the fries bag is placed at an angle, and this improves the stability of the whole at the same time. The holder is produced in a 'durable' version (stainless steel, see picture) as well as in a 'recyclable' version (flat cardboard).